Sunday, November 14, 2010


In response to the tremendous feedback from our first mixed media workshop (MIMI) earlier this year, Sue and Lynn Marie had the pleasure of hosting not one, but two, MIMI II workshops this weekend.  Thanks too all who spent their Saturday or Sunday with us for a fun time together!

The energy level in the Park was high as MIMI II participants learned more than 25 different techniques.. and these were all different techniques than the 25 that were taught at MIMI I a few months ago.  By the end of the one-day workshop, everyone left with a complete set of technique tags that contained the samples made during the class and instructions so they can be repeated once back home.

So could this mean there's a MIMI III in the works?  You betchya!  We're accepting reservations for the Playground's next Mixed Media Institute workshop in February 2011.  Call or stop by the store for details and to reserve your seat, while they last, in the next exciting and energizing session!

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  1. Loved the MIMI II had a fabulous time at the playground sorry I wont be able to make MIMI III :-( I will be on vaction :-)
    Thanks Sue and Lynn Marie for a wonderful day