Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Hi SP Bloggers ... hope you're busy on your creation for the Playground Challenge that we kicked off earlier this week (see the June 7th blog).  In the meantime, wanted to share a little something about one of our favorite Playgrounders...

Robin is one of our Playground regulars whose projects normally have a very clean and linear style.  So who would've guessed she'd have such a great time at Lynn Marie's Mixed Media Tag classes, since they can get pretty inky and grungy. They're always fun, but they're anything but clean and linear styles!

Yet Robin's had a blast (and so have the rest of us at her table!) as she happily applied the techniques she's learned from Lynn Marie in her post-classroom projects.  Check out one example below.
Why not challenge yourself and sign up for one of our classes to try something new!

Sample of the Original Class Sample

Front of Robin's Happy Spring/Easter Card that
she sent to her Dad ... and he LOVED it!
Thanks for sharing Robin!


  1. Just loved this idea!!!

  2. Hi Fellow Playgrounders. Yes, it's true. I rarely get messy. But Lynn Marie and my fellow taggers nurture and support me as I jump into the deep end of the scrapbooking pool...I would never be able to wrinkle paper and stain it without you cheering me on! Thank you for nurturing my inner artist.