Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Trip!

Howdy SP Bloggers ... There are many famous women duos. Among them are:
  • Laverne and Shirley
  • Lucy and Ethel
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Oprah and Gayle. 
And now, as they prepare to set out on their adventure to the summer CHA show in Chicago, add to that list Sue and Renee.  Yep, it's a road trip -- they're driving from New York to Chicago -- and there are sure to be stories to share and previews of all the goodies they're seeing once at the show!

I'm promised regular updates from their adventure so you'll want to check the blog out in the days to come!  Safe travels Oprah and Gayle, er, I mean Sue and Renee!

P.S.  Leave a comment below if there's anything special you want them to be sure to check out while at the CHA show.

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