Sunday, August 28, 2011

So Long Irene ...

Hi SP Bloggers ... well, it appears that Irene is moving on.  So glad it appears that, in general, it wasn't as rough on our area as the original predictions. Hopefully all of our Playgrounders came through the storm with minimal repair and clean-up needed.  Leave us a Comment about how you plan to spend the rest of today.

Just a reminder that the Playground's closed today and we've rescheduled today's classes for September 2nd (see prior blog for details). 

My neighbor's once tall sunflowers took a
bit of a beating and not looking so sunny now.

My son had to go out front to "feel" the storm.
Guess every family has a storm chaser of some kind.

Thankful that only remnants of Irene on our block
are downed branches and maybe a wayward piece of siding.

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