Saturday, October 15, 2011

Game Night = Fun Night!

Hi SP Bloggers ... the cold and rainy night didn't dampen the fun-loving spirit of Game Night participants at the Playground.  It was Minute to Win It time and participants got to play many of Renee's favorite challenges.  Thanks too to the Playground crew for all they do to make these events so much fun and letting everyone end the night as winners!

P.S. Don't forget to view the latest SP Playtime video and get to working on your October challenge (due by October 31) using Spellbinders Edgeabilities.  (See our October 13 blog for Challenge details.)

Antonella (L) won a Big Shot & SP gift card.
Tracy walked away with a new Cuttlebug & SP gift card.

Angie & Kim kicked off the night trying
to see how many words (real ones Angie!)
that they could spell from "Scrappers Playground"

It was close, but Kim (L) took the top spot!

Georgina (L) and Antonella then went head to head
(or wrist to wrist) to see who could wind the most
twine around the stick in a minute.

Georgina squeaked out the victory by just a couple of feet!

Tracy (L) and Jean #2 (R) had to put
their punching skills to work.
The deciding factor - neatness. It really does count!

Do we really need to tell you who won the challenge?

Next up ... bowling scrappers style.
Kathy doesn't need stinky pins and balls.
She's got artist tape roles and Stickles!

Angela -- a really good bowler normally --
learned that she DOES need a ball & pins.

Kathy (L) walked away with top bowling honors this time.

Marilyn (L) and April (R) get to stacking
their Twinkling H2O's

It could've gone either way, but there was a last
second crash ... so congrats April!

We Playground-ized that old game show,
Concentration for Karen (L) and Jean #1 (R).

There was lots of shuffling of papers, but Jean took
the top spot in this challenge.

Tough challenge ... list as many names of the Game Night
guests as possible in a minute.
"Dee" (L) and Celia (R) give it a go.

Congrats go to Celia this time...

So who can make the longest paper chain using
the Tiny Attacher -- Sandy (L) or Dorothy (R)?

We don't know, because it was a tie ... and the
tie breaker was a tie too.  So Dorothy
declared Sandy the winner this time just 'cause!

Debbie (L) and Sandy (R) showed us how using
embossing folders and Big Shots can be an aerobic workout!

And Sandy ... a Game Night rookie ... took top honors.

So could you name SP classes and instructors
(past and present)?  Maria (L) and Christine (R) gave it a try.

I think Christine took the honors 'cause
Maria got giggly and went blank (ha!)



  2. But it was fun to not be alone in that Maria (ha!). It was lots of laughs.

    And Carol B., we missed you!