Monday, January 30, 2012

Working Hard at CHA (Really??)

Hi SP Bloggers ... so when Sue and Renee get back in a few days and Renee's going on and on about how exhausting it was to do all that "work" at CHA, just remember the images below (ha!). 

They really did make the rounds on Sunday -- the first official day of the CHA show -- and saw so many new and exciting products.  You can bet Sue's iPhone has been quite busy snapping images and sending 'em back to us to "oooo and ahhhh" over!  Watch the blog later tonight for Sunday's sneak peek product pics and I'm sure there will be even more after today!

Renee getting the royal treatment by
the CEO of QuicKutz, applying new
vinyl decals to create a QK French manicure.

OK, so it was time to get back to some hard work at the CHA show.  There were so many new products to see and learn about for the Playgrounders back in New York.  So Sue and Renee got down to some serious business with a meeting with Bart from Bazzill.

Well the first day of CHA was clearly quite taxing and hopefully Sue and Renee got a good night's sleep.  Looking forward to more reports back from their Monday CHA activities! 

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  1. Too much fun! What a wonderful way to be exhausted! Love the Nails Renee!