Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mixin' It Up to Make a Not-so-typical Cupcake!

Hi SP Bloggers ... Move over Zelda, Rodney's in town!  Next up in the Cupcake Challenge is LynnMarie's mixed media creation -- Rodney the Robot!  Supply list and instructions for recreating this are below.  And don't forget to leave your comments on our various Cupcake posts!

LynnMarie's Rodney the Robot Cupcake!

To create other Rodney's, you'll need your paper mache cupcake; Silk paints (Black Ice, Nutmeg, Olivine, Honey Amber, Spiced Tomato, Teal Zircon); Silver Metal Foil Tape; Acrylic Paint Dabber (Pitch Black); Tim Holtz Stuff -- Diamond Plate and Riveted Metal embossing folder set, mini gears, clock keys, wire pin, mini fasteners, long fasteners and hitch fasteners; Cut N Dry Foam; Glue Dots; Glossy Accents and these tools -- Craft Mat; Piercer; Craft Knife; Sanding Block (Scratching Tool is also fun!); Big Shot

With your craft knife, cut away the inside of the top of  the cupcake. Stir all Silks and put a dollop of each color that you are going to use, on your craft mat.  Cut your Cut N Dry Foam into pieces.  Start by using a swirling and swiping motion to add layers of Silks onto the bottom part of the cupcake below the scallops.  Continue until you have the desired effect.  Once dry, sand areas and then sponge some color over the sanded areas.  You can always add more color as you go -- that’s the beauty of the Silks!

Repeat this same process for the scalloped area on the bottom of the cupcake.  LynnMarie used Black Ice and Silver and then rubbed some away. Sand areas.  Remember to use the foam to paint the inside area and the rim of the top of the cupcake.

Cut Foil Tape to 5½ x 4¼, place it in the embossing folder and run it through the Big Shot. Paint the surface of your embossed tape with Black Dabber.  Wait. Then gently wipe off the black paint, leaving some in the crevices, etc.  Once dry, cut into pieces. Remove backing of Foil Tape and cover the top part of the cupcake in a random pattern.

Take a random piece of the remaining Foil Tape and adhere to the base of the Cupcake.  Pierce a hole at the top of the cupcake and screw in the Clock Key. Add a Wire Pin. Pierce a hole on either side of the top of the cupcake to screw in Hitch Fasteners.

Place a Mini Fastener in two of the small Mini Gears and  Glue Dot/Glossy Accent to the Top of the cupcake for the robot's eyes.

Glue Dot/Glossy Accent Mini Gears to the scallop section of the cupcake.  Pierce three holes in Scallop area to add Long Fasteners…LynnMarie did this to the back of the Cupcake.  Voila!


  1. Tim would be so proud!!!

  2. It's the KEY that really TURNS me on!!
    So clever!!!

  3. It looks like its made of tin. It makes me think of the wizored of oz. You are so talented LynnMarie.

  4. Cupcake in shining armor, very cool

  5. Awesome cupcake. Let them try this on Cupcake Wars!

  6. A not so delicious cupcake but i would be interested in owning one.

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