Sunday, September 9, 2012

Up Next: A Cool Treats Box

Hi SP Bloggers... Next up in our SP Pencil Box challenge is Miriam's Halloween Treat creation.  To create this, you need a pencil box, Trendy Tape, die cut tags, cardstock, grid ribbon and double-sided adhesive.  Cover the entire box with various styles of Trendy Tape.  Tie the ribbon to your die cut tags and adhere them to the top of the box.  Cut cardstock to cover the inside of the box.  Add more die-cuts inside if you wish.  (Remember to leave a comment on each daily blog to let us know what you think of the SP team's creations!)

Miriam's Halloween Treat Box

Don't forget to decorate the inside too!

There are so many things that you can do with Trendy Tape ... leave us a Comment below about the Pencil Box creations so far and also creative ways you've incorporated paper tapes into your creations!

Happy creating!

Come on in and see the wide variety of Trendy Tape
we have at the Playground!  Fun stuff!

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  1. Love the Halloween theme Miriam. Perfect box for the lil ones to keep their fall treasures