Monday, October 15, 2012

Patchwork Patty's in the House!

Hi SP Bloggers...well Sue and Dee Mama are sailing the ocean blue to the Bahamas. But this is reveal week for our next SP Challenge, so before they left, Dee Mama shared her Patchwork Patty Pumpkin!

If you aren't familiar with our SP Challenges, periodically the SP team creates a project around a particular theme.  And yep, you guessed it.  This month's Challenge is all about Pumpkins (or for you Honey Boo Boo fans, that would be Punkins)!  Each day of the week, we'll post one of the team's creations, along with instructions so you can duplicate it or put your own spin on the project. But then the following week is all about featuring YOUR designs. All supplies that you need to duplicate our team's creations are available at the Playground. Later this week, we'll tell you more about how to share your creations beginning October 21st!

We encourage you to visit the blog every day to view the latest creation and leave your Comments as well. At the end of the Challenge, we'll draw a random winner from those who share their creations with us, as well as those who leave us blog comments.

Have fun with this Pumpkin-a-licious Challenge! 

To make your own Patchwork Patty Pumpkin, you'll need a paper mache pumpkin, multi-medium matte, eClips Halloween cartridge, curls, Halloween paper of your choice, cardstock and orange roping.

Cut the Halloween paper of your choice into random shapes.  Glue one piece to the pumpkin with the matte medium and repeat until the pumpkin is covered.  From the eClips cartridge, cut Spider Webs for the eyes, nose, mouth and hairpiece and back with cardstock.  Cut the leaf ears from the Halloween paper of your choice.  Cut out eyes from cardstock.  Assemble by adhering all the elements, roping ... and don't forget the curls!

Happy creating!


  1. Dee Momma you ourdid yourself again ! Patchwork Patty is a beauty.

  2. OMG, that is THE cutest idea for a pumpkin =o) Love the creativity and layout, great work!

  3. Saw this in the store just fantastic. Dee Momma you are a creative genius