Friday, March 15, 2013

Cutie Bunny

Morning Bloggers,

Our next egg-ordinary egg creation comes from Renee
Materials Need:
Washi Tape
Quick Quotes-Pink Cheeks
 and Pink Cardstock
Black Rhinestone
White Wire
White pompom Ribbon
Glossy Accent
Glue dots

Renee first covered the egg with Washi tape.  Then Renee cuts out two ears using the white cardstock. Then she brushes a line of QQ Pink Cheeks down the middle of the two pieces of cardstock.  She then attaches the pieces to the back of the egg with more Washi tape. Renee adds the black rhinestones to the egg with glossy accents. Renee then cuts a small square out of pink paper. She then cuts four small piece of white wire to make the whiskers. Renee then attaches wires to the back of pink cardstock.  She then attaches the pink cardstock to the middle of the egg to make a nose. Finally Renee added three pom poms to the back make a tale. Great Job done by Renee this bunny is so cute. Stay tune to tomorrow for another great egg creation. Remember there will be a random drawing for comments as well as your creations.


  1. Renee, This is adorable. Makes me smile. Great job. Linda E.

  2. Where do you get all these cute ideas Renee. I love your bunny. You can do anything with that washi tape. :)

  3. Great creation Renee! How creative to use washi tape to cover the egg! It's so very pretty!!!!

  4. Great job Renee on the cutie bunny. It is nice to see another way to use the washi tape. Love your egg-specially cute idea!!!