Sunday, October 30, 2011

If It's Time to Stain...Then It's Time to Dance!

Hi SP Bloggers... well what better way to spend a cold and rainy ... wait and snowy(!) ... day, than with a bunch of creative friends at the Playground.  We had a full day session with LynnMarie as she walked us through creating our own versions of this gorgeous, interactive Wizard of Oz wall hanging.  We inked, we cut, we laughed, we stained, we misted, we chatted, we painted, we blinged, and yes, some even danced! 

Thanks to my table mates and classmates for a really great day together.  And special thanks too to LMS, who is one creative lady for sure, for her patience with us all.  There are so many great classes at the Playground ... if you've never signed up for one, you really should take a look at the calendar and pick something that will truly spark your creativity.  And you're sure to have a great time too!

This is a peek at part of the outside of the project.
What's inside is even more spectacular!

SP Blogger's table-mates:  "Marjorie" (aka Irene),
Dee and Maria.  (Thanks for catching me up on
my pop culture trivia and for the laughs ladies!)

Table 1 mates in deep thought.
(Dee Mama is in fussy cutting heaven!)

Gabriela and Angela inking up a storm.

One of your Playground faves still in
the Halloween party mood with her "mask"

LynnMarie showing Table 3 how it's done.

Karen & LynnMarie checking out the project details.

Antonella and Cousin D still inking :-)

And Georgina & Karen demonstrate that there's
really only ONE way to warm up for Distress Staining.
And that's to dance like nobody's watchin'!

Until next time all ... happy creating!

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