Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Traditions...

Hi SP Bloggers ... what a busy time of year, with shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, baking, and celebrating with those we love. I always like to hear my friends' different holiday traditions. 

For some, it's the oldest child getting a boost on Dad's shoulders to place the finishing touch on the Christmas tree -- a chipped, well worn, yet cherished, silver star that gets top honors year after year.

For others, it's sharing that first night of Hanukkah with friends and family, lighting the candles and then, one by one, sneaking into the kitchen for just a pinch of a latke fresh out of the frying pan!

In the Comments field below, let us know some of your family's favorite holiday traditions from this time of year.  And don't forget to capture them in your scrapbook pages too!

See you at the Playground!


  1. My favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve when my husband makes a delicious fish meal for our family, as well as my parents and in-laws. It is such a special time of sharing and joy!

  2. Ever year we host Christmas eve with a big seafood feast for 29 people.We wrap up all our left overs and go to bed so Santa can come. In the morning we open our gifts we bought from each other and from Santa. As soon as were are done my daughter and I enjoy Christmas breakfeast by eating leftover calamari and a connollis. I can't wait to do it again this year. Yum.

  3. Heather & Antonella ... thanks for sharing. You guys must both be gearing up for the feast that's fast approaching. Enjoy and take pictures!!