Friday, March 9, 2012

Where's Your Creative Zone?

Hi SP Bloggers ... Man I'm having Playground withdrawal!  Middle of last week, I headed out to Myrtle Beach with my BFF, Nancy.  Our sons are college freshman, roommates and on the school's baseball team and this marked their official college debut. They both did well personally and the team did terrific, winning 3 of 4 games!  However, there was another competitor in the mix -- the weather!  So we spent a good amount of time waiting for text updates from the boys on schedule changes.  Then when I got back late Sunday, I dove right into a busy work schedule. Today I'm not only looking forward to Joey's card class, but can't wait to swing by to see all the latest new goodies ... will be sure to share pictures over the weekend!

Now on to the main blog topic ... At a recent crop at the Playground, I noticed it took me a little longer to get going because I was out of my element.  That got a few of us talking -- and laughing -- about the different creative zones we've carved out in our homes and our approaches to organizing our 'stuff'.

Some have rooms dedicated to our craft, some share space with the rest of the family (but admittedly ooze beyond the boundaries), some spread projects out on the dining room table so they are still part of the family action.  Some use clear containers to to see and enjoy all the pretty things; some use practical containers that are easy to grab and go for crops; still others use baskets or other pretty enclosed containers to keep things within reach but out of sight when not in use. And some sort their stuff by color or by type of item and themes, while others sort by brand to keep papers and coordinating embellishments all together. 

I'm thankful to have this odd shaped room in our house as 
my own little haven. And trust me ... it's not always this neat!
I love being surrounded by color and also tend to keep the
things I use often within easy reach and in clear containers
(again for the color but also to remember what I have!)

Claimed just about every inch of the closet space
available in this room too for papers and more.

Some of my clear containers and oh the pretty colors.

My 'go to' stuff is always within easy reach!
Love the little buckets that I picked up at SP.
It was so interesting to hear the many different places and organizational styles that folks have found works for them.   We'd love to hear from more of our Playgrounders ... leave us a comment to let us know where you've created your scrapping/crafting space in your home and your favorite approach to organizing all your goodies. 

Oh, and hopefully you saw Thursday's SP newsletter that announced the upcoming garage sale. It's always good to weed out things you just won't ever use (and make room for new things!!)  I'll post more about the garage sale in a couple days, just in case you don't receive our newsletter.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I have a "scrap room" which double to a grest room when ever, but 1st I would have to clean the bed off. I use it as a very large layout with paper and stickers, embelishment, and what ever else I am working on so please give me a heads up if you plan on staying the

  2. ooops. my bad doubles to a guest room


  4. I use some built in shelving that was already in the basement when we bought our house. It hides everything nicely, and encouragese to keep the area neat. It also has a built on desk, so all my bases are covered.

  5. I have shelves around whole room but now it is starting to feel alittle close in the room if you know what I mean. Loved your room--so loved the creative storage ideas, too! Thanks

  6. I have a deducted room in my house for my computer and scrapbooking items. I actually have been revamping my room utilizing michaels recollection storge pieces! Will post pictures hopefully after this weekend

    Kathy d

  7. Loved that you showed pictures. Would love to see more from anyone who would like to share! Always great for ideas from real people with real spaces---not like the fabulous 'studios' that the most of us do not have that you see in magazines!