Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Baby

The Next fantastic creation for the holiday comes from Corinne

Hey Santa

Corinne started by giving the ornament 1 coat of Gesso, then painting 2 coats of Silks(Carmen). She used black velvet ribbon wrapped around the middle for the belt. She attached ribbon with gloss accents or you can use small glue dots. Cut at 1/4 in square out paper then cut a smaller square out of the middle of that square. Then she painted the square with Viva Precious Medal in Gold after it dries she attached it to the black ribbon to look like a belt buckle. She used black rhinestones to look like buttons. Finally she cut 2 strips of white bom-bom ribbon, she attached one strip around the top of the ornament and one to bottom of ornament with glue dots. Corinne out did herself what adorable ornament. Stay to for more tomorrow.

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