Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mixed Media Project by Carol Becker of our Design Team

Good Evening Bloggers:

Today we are releasing the 1st of our Mixed Media projects from Carol Becker from our Design team. This project along with the other projects are on shelves to the left of the register. Our Design Team is doing an awesome job on these projects and have inspired others to think outside the box!  Please feel free to ask any of our Staff for information on the products that were used on these projects. 

Dress Form by Carol Becker

1 Jar of Distress Glitter
1 Dress Form
1 package of ATC Cards with die cuts
2 little bundles of patterned  fabric

Other items used:

Vintage Photo Distress Paint
Glossy Accents
White Glue
Ranger Manila Cardstock
Victorian Velvet Distress Ink
Tim Holtz's Tape
Glue gun
Wax paper
Green or white tulle


Paint blouse area of dress form with vintage photo distress paint. Let dry. Spread glossy accents over the paint with  fingers  and sprinkle the  distress glitter over the glue. Let dry.

While glitter is drying,  take manila cardstock and make a scallop pattern.  Cut out with scissor. Use the pattern to cut out fabric, alternating the 2 types of patterned fabric, cutting enough pieces to go around the waist of the dress form..

Make a mixture with water 50% water, 50% glue. Dredge each pice of fabric in glue and water mixture. Wipe off each piece as you remove from glue mix and place on wax paper to dry. Wipe off excess glue with a paper towel. Let dry. Fabric will be stiff when dry. This will keep fabric from fraying.

While the fabric is drying, take manila cardstock  and draw 3 rough circles and cut out with scissor, 2-1/2 inch diameter. Give each circle an uneven edge. Give each circle 5 flower petals.

Using sponge applicator, apply Victorian Velvet Distress Ink to flowers.  Spritz each lightly with water on both sides. Crumple gently, then spread out and dry with heat gun. Apply more ink as needed and distress edges with more Victorian Velvet. Blast with heat gun again to set ink.

Leave one flower whole, cut one petal from the second flower and 2 petals from the third. Glue together with a glue gun into rose shape.

Tim Holtz had a tutorial on how to make these roses a few years back. These  flowers can also be made with a die.

Repeat the flower again, this time with a 1-1/2 inch diameter.

Small flowers: Using manila cardstock cut 4 small 3/4 circles. Cut with scissor giving each flower 4 petals. Repeat application of Victorian Velvet Distress Ink and water as above. Put a green jewel in the flower center (or use distress glitter glue).

I used Tims decorative tapes to cover the base and applied with medium, let dry and distress with ink of choice.

Assembly, using glue gun:
Attach fabric to bodice of dress form.
Cut lace of choice and attach around waist of dress form.
Attach small rose to top of dress form facing forward.
Attach large rose to base.
Attach small flowers to body as shown.
Wrap beads around neck and drape as desired.

Great job Carol!


  1. Carol, I'm impressed. This is very beautifully done. Love it. Linda E.

  2. Thank you! It was a fun and challenging process

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  4. What a wonderful transformation!

  5. very pretty!! love how you did the skirt and the scarf is such a nice touch!!

  6. Very pretty colors!! Love all the shimmer!