Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a Great (and Creative) Day!

Hi SP Bloggers ... well day one (three different workshops) with the fun and extremely talented Ranger Designer, Dyan Revealey are a wrap.  Those attending day two workshops with Dyan on Sunday can look forward to a great time!  Here are a few fun pictures from today. 
The day got off to a great start with plenty
of supplies to get inky, painting creating underway!

Dyan not only shared tons of techniques
through the day, but shared some of her
own art journal projects that she's created.

"Table 3" got off to a good start ... inky = good.

Table 1 was quite busy as well with their projects...

But then something seemed to happen momentarily at Table 3.
Nothing a cup of coffee couldn't cure!

But that didn't phase Lynne Marie

And the creativity continued.

Right up to the end of a great day with Dyan,
who posed with Table 3 participants.
Thanks Dyan (and her trusted assistant) for
a great time and plenty of glue sticks!


  1. These were the best classes I've ever taken. Dyan is a hoot, and talented to boot! Her assistant, Terri, is a sweetheart too. I hope they will both come back soon. The projects were awesome, and I think everyone felt like an artist when they left this evening. I know I did. Thanks for a great day!

  2. Hi Scrapjanny ... thanks for the wonderful feedback. It WAS a fun day and we'll be sure to share your feedback with Dyan and Terri. Have fun releasing your inner ARTIST!

  3. what an unexpend (stay) day at SP had a blast thanks for talking me into staying

  4. Hi Patty ... for some reason, I can't get that song (She's a BRICK ... house) out of my head. So glad you stayed the day and had a blast. Dyan's a hoot and an awesome ARTIST. See ya soon.